The Totes Team


There once was a man who married the most gorgeous girl in Atlanta Georgia, a humid green place filled with beautiful running trails, rivers to kayak, trees to climb, and roads to bike. He convinced his fair Misses to move to the harsh red desert of Southern Utah. Here there are miles of rocky trails, red rocks to climb, canyons to explore, and endless natural wonders. Of all of the desert's beauty the one downfall was no water or humidity. As the young wife would return from scenic runs, the husband noticed a salty white powdery film coating her entire body. She experienced extreme fatigue, cramps, and muscle spams, as she grew weaker and weaker the husband knew something must be done. He gathered some friends and a food scientist and after several revisions to the electrolyte formula Totelytes was born. The team experimented for several months on the correct dosage of Fruit powders and Electrolytes to ensure that there were no ill effects. The beautiful wife was saved, now by taking 2-4 Totelytes after every run, she can enjoy all the beauty of the desert with no aches and pains caused by electrolyte deficiency. Shortly afterwards The Totelytes team found a great hometown family run supplement manufacturing facility. Today Totelytes is available for purchase on amazon, and in several retailers across the southwestern USA. Thus our Love story comes to a close, a forest girl's ability to enjoy nature was saved by the powers of Totelytes.



929 W. Sunset Blvd #21-149

St. George Utah 84770’




Tel: 435-709- TOTE


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