The desert of Southern Utah is very hot and very dry. In the summer, dehydration, heat exhaustion and heat stroke are always looming behind each sagebrush and cactus. These conditions can be treacherous on the body and difficult to live in, but it is exactly where the Totes Team lives and where they have their adventures.

Ean, his wife Katy, Rodney and Thatch all call Southern Utah their home. Each one of them are avid runners, athletes, and outdoor enthusiasts. This means that they all have plenty of experience with dehydration, and heat exhaustion. They always drank lots of water and were as prepared as they could be for whichever activity they were participating in, but there had to be something better. They came up with that something better. Totelytes!

With Totelytes the Totes Team was able to keep up with all of their pursuits, be it running, hiking, canyoneering, or playing any type of sport. They loved it and saw great benefits from it. Now they are sharing their product with the world!